Monday, January 09, 2006

Flaky Disco : Le Blog.

Ok. So we have been dancing for a while now and as you can see, we are getting pretty good at it. Flaky Disco is our club night at Zoobizarre, but we felt the urge to bring the good news outside of the dancefloor straight to your home. So like zillion other blogs, we're going to post music we like and make stupid comments and geeky references.

And now for a blast from the past, back in 1980 with a 15 year old Alexander Hacke. Before he discovered he could make music with random objects from the hardware store and joined Einststürzende Neubauten, Hacke started his career with P1/E.

P1/E - 49 Seconds Romance Disco Remix

This is definitely a classic of the NDW. You can get your hand on this rare gem with the amazing Berlin Super 80 DVD/CD compilation (there is also a vinyl version available).

And ... wawawou! This Friday January 13th 2006, Flaky Disco will have a very special guest : DJ We Are Ortiz from We Are Wolves will join me in Zoobizarre's dj booth. Of course, it's a rendez vous.


Blogger Patrick Vezina said...

on veut l'histoire de la generentola!

Blogger 20jazzfunkgreats said...

wow, that dvd looks nice, shame its just after christmas. Cheers for the link - if your ever in Brighton pop in and say hello.

Blogger Why Alex, Why? said...

ok ok ... generentola il y aura.

Blogger Patrick Vezina said...

merci merci merci

je vois la compile berlin 80 un peu partout ici, m'a surement finir par l'acheter. cé lourd à ramener des disques doubles par exemple.

je savais pas que p1-e c'était alexander hacke. toi tu savais-tu que abwarts c'était fm einheit?

j'déménage à berlin pour les 5 prochains mois, fek m'a peut-etre pouvoir découvrir dla nouvelle musique plutot que dé ostie d'paysages germains (quoique cé très beau).

Anonymous michael said...

Hacke also was the beau of Christiane F. in the early 80's and put out the great Hiroshima 12" under the name Borsig.


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