Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday centaur.

Nothing makes me happier than disco that sounds like it was made for a science documentary. Just like Hipnosis, that's exactly what the Donna Laser Orchestra delivers. There's not much information on this early 80s italo disco outfit but when you close your eyes while listening to their sound... you can see yourself dancing on Saturn's rings with cyber centaurs and space vikings.

Donna Laser Orchestra - Vega Synthauri

Now keep your eyes closed and imagine, emerging from the vapors, a silver David Bowie joining your crew. Of course, your cyber friends and you make a circle around him and he starts pulling the slickest disco moves.

Loopside - Starman


Anonymous su said...

why, alex why are you giving away all your flaky disco secrets?

Anonymous ninja said...

Pourquoi Alex n'est pas un vrai centaur? Là est la vrai question...

Blogger Why Alex, Why? said...

i want to make you happy mister Su. et oui... je suis un vrai centaur mais j'ai dû revêtir un déguisment humain pour mener une vie normale.

Blogger 20jazzfunkgreats said...

i'm sure i used to date that girl in the picture..


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