Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bonfire and Crack Madness.

Rituals, celebrations, cheap cooking, etc. There is always a good reason for a bonfire. So far, the only equivalent to dancing around a sacred 'feu de joie' I found is the track 'La Gata' by the mysterious italian outfit 'Generentola'.

Generentola - La Gata

DJ Prions en Église asked me for some historical details on the track. Here's what I have : La Gata became an undergound dancefloor hit in the late 80s in Montreal after some employees of the now defunct record store Wow released it on a bootleg compilation called "Strange Pleasures Vol. 1". It was apparently taken from a 12" they got a few copies of at the store (God, I'd kill to get my hands on one). Some further investigations brought me to think this was a reashed traditional song from the Napoli region. My source (a nice gentleman named Gino in Barcelona) even indicated me that the lyrics were made from an old italian dialect from the same region.

"I take two steps forward and two steps back. Two steps forward and smoke some crack. Crack Daddy yes I am (repeat). Crack Daddy hung like an elephant (repeat)." Need I say more ... (i am just lazy, really). Go go go Crack Daddy Slim!

Crack Daddy - Crack Daddy Wha


Blogger Patrick Vezina said...

ah ben merci pour l'histoire.

Blogger Guillaume said...

Juste une petite correction... La pièce s'appelle Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie et fait partie d'un opéra qui s'appelle La Gatta Cenerentola de Roberto de Simone. Peu importe d'ou ça vient, c'est toujours un plaisir de l'entendre à plein volume en fin de soirée une fois adéquatement réchauffé!

Blogger Why Alex, Why? said...

Ok, wow... tout se met en place maintenant. Malheureusement, j'ai été dérouté par un bootleg! Ce qui explique que je ne trouvais que des informations sur la fameuse opéra.


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